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How do I become a dealer?

To be a dealer, you must fill out and sign a dealer application found in the back of this catalog, and the documentation provided by The Music Link’s Sales Representatives. To receive these documents, please contact sales@themusiclink.net or by phone at 1-888-552-5465. In addition, you must have a business license and a storefront with a separate location other than a personal residence. All California dealers must have a state resale license number that is valid for musical instruments and/or pro audio equipment.

What is your minimum opening order amount?

The Music Link requires no minimum amount to ship an order.

Can I get net terms?

The Music Link rarely gives net terms in order to keep our prices as low as possible. We offer COD and credit card terms as primary payment options.

Do you have Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)?

Yes. Please see the MAP Policy Document from a Music Link Sales Representative for more information.

Do you drop ship?

We will accommodate drop ships on a case by case basis, as a service to our customers. The cost is $15.00 per invoice, in addition to any regular freight charges. Our drop ship service is considered a sale to the end user.

How quickly can you ship?

With major distribution centers in Hayward, CA and Knoxville, TN, The Music Link is able to offer you shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. in just 3 days or less with industry-leading, competitive rates. In order to insure shipping in 3 days or less, orders must be called in by 3 p.m. Eastern or Pacific Standard Time.

Do you send call tags?

The Music Link has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all items within 5 days of receiving the product. For defective products, call tags may be requested if the product was found to be defective within one month from the original purchase. No call tags will be sent once a product is sold to the end user. Our drop ship service is considered a sale to the end user.

What is your backorder policy?

The Music Link does not automatically ship backorders that are over 15 days old. You will receive a call from your sales representative for any backorder that is more than 15 days old. All backorders remain on order unless cancelled. You may also request to be placed on “no backorder” status. Please contact your sales representative to make this kind of arrangement.

Do you have dealer exclusive territories?

As a general rule, no. If con icts arise, The Music Link will consider, on a case-by-case basis, factors such as customer loyalty and business volume in order to nd the most reasonable solution for The Music Link and its customers.

What is your warranty policy?

The warranty for Music Link products begins when the item is sold to an end-user. At the store’s discretion, the retailer may choose to act in service to the end-user as a liaison when contacting The Music Link. In either case an email should be sent to info@themusiclink.net, or info@ the relevant brand name (i.e. info@theloar.com, info@recordingking.com, etc). The warranty process begins when an email including: the item # of the product, the issue needing warranty service, and an image or copy of the original purchase receipt, is sent to one of the above addresses. A customer service representative from The Music Link will then respond and process all necessary information.

Warranty periods from the time of purchase are listed on p. 214. All freight charges incurred when sending a warrantied item to The Music Link are the responsibility of the end user. Items must be safely packed in double box packaging and The Music Link recommends confirming shipping insurance for the value of the instrument with the end user’s chosen shipping company. Upon arrival, the item will be inspected to determine the defect and to con rm the product falls under our warranty policy guidelines. The Music Link will provide repair or replacement with an identical or similar item that meets warranty requirements. See p. 214 or the “Warranty” section of any of The Music Link’s brand websites for more information.

What is your refund policy?

If a situation occurs where the customer is given a refund, The Music Link provides in house credit only. The Music Link does not provide refunds in the form of cash credits or charges back to a credit card.