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AXL Electronic Tuners Gotoh Tuning Machines Musedo Electronic Tuners Acoustic Pickups


Cables (CI-200 & Up)

Cases & Bags

Hardshell Cases Thermoplastic Cases Fiberglass Cases Featherweight Cases All Bags


Junior Drum Sets Percussion
Drum Cases Drum Bags

Drum Sets
Drum Hardware Shell-less Tom Kit


Recording King
Wood Resonators
Metal Resonator Instruments Acoustic Guitars
Electric Guitars
Fractional Electric Guitars Electric Basses
Paris Swing
Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitars The Loar
Archtops and Flat Tops Savannah
Acoustic Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
JG-610 Fractional Sizes Acoustic Basses
All models incl. PlayerPacs Mariachi Guitars
Antonio Hermosa

Folk Instruments*

Recording King Metal Body Mandolin Banjos
The Loar

1 year 5 years

1 year 90 days

Limited Lifetime



Folk Instruments (cont.)*

Johnson Ukuleles Concertinas Dulcimers Harmonicas Koloa Ukuleles


Benches Keyboard Bags Keyboard Stools Keyboard Cases

Pro Audio & Amps

VHT Amps
(excluding the tubes which are 90 days

and the speakers,which are 1 year) AXL Amps
Johnson Amps
Mini Amps

Raw Speakers Speaker Cabinets


Guitar Stands Keyboard Stands Mic Stands Music Stands Speaker Stands

Violin Family

Antonius Violins
Palatino Violin Family Instruments Palatino Electric Upright Bass (VE-500)

Wind Instruments

Clarinet Flute Harmonica Saxophone Trombone Trumpet

Please refer to the individual manufacturer’s
American Plating, Angel, Artec, Clayton, CruzTools, Kaman, Keith McMillen, La Bella, LM Products, Long Hollow Leather, LR Baggs, Paige, Schaller,
Shadow, SLDR, Tomsline, Venture

*Due to the nature of nitrocellulose laquer, instruments nished in nitrocellulose are not warrantied for nish issues. Standard warranties apply to the instrument bodies and all hardware.

Hours of Operation

The Music Link Corporation is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am PST to 5:00pm PST. The Music Link is closed for most major holidays.

Product Pricing & Speci cations

We try to keep our catalog as accurate as possible, but we reserve the right to correct any errors regarding pricing and item speci cations. Prices and speci cations are subject to change without noti cation.

Same Day Shipping

We make all efforts to ship orders called in before 3 p.m. PST to ship on the same day, excluding weekends. Exceptions to this are orders received outside of normal business hours, orders held for pre-payment or end-user drop ship orders.

Returned Check & Overdue Invoice Policy

All returned checks, regardless of the reason, are subject to a $40.00 charge. All overdue invoice balances are subject to a 2% monthly interest fee, from the due date of the invoice, as well as potential collection costs and attorney fees.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satis ed with your product for any reason, please report this to your sales representative within 5 days of receiving the product for a return authorization number. See Merchandise Return Policy.

Merchandise Return Policy

If you nd the product to be defective, The Music Link Corporation will accept the returned merchandise, with a return authorization number, in most cases, for a full credit in the amount of the original purchase price of the merchandise. Call tags may be requested if the product was found to be defective within ve days from the original purchase. No call tags will be sent once a product is sold to the end- user. To receive a Return Authorization (RA) number, call your sales representative at The Music Link Corporation. In some cases, returned merchandise may be subject to a restocking fee of up to, and including, 35%. Merchandise returned without an Authorization number may be refused or subject to the restocking fee. Additionally, customers will not receive full credit on merchandise that is incomplete or returned as an imperfect item; the net value of the missing parts or items will be deducted from the credit. Merchandise that has received additional damage during return due to improper packaging will not receive full credit.

The Music Link Corporation maintains a strict policy of offering no cash refunds for returned merchandise. All customers will receive in-house credit that can be applied to their next order or to an outstanding balance from a previous order.


All discrepancies must be reported within 2 business days of receiving the product.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy

The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) is listed in the dealer catalog for qualifying items. MAP applies only to “advertised prices” and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold from the dealer to individual consumers. Music Link dealers remain free to sell these products on an individual basis at any prices they elect.

Each Music Link dealer will receive The Music Link’s MAP Policy document. For the de nition of “advertised price” and detailed descriptions of The Music Link’s MAP Policy, please refer to the MAP Policy document directly. The terms described in the

MAP Policy document will constitute the whole of the MAP agreement between The Music Link and Authorized Dealers.
The Music Link encourages the participation of its dealers in enforcing the MAP policy to ensure dealer pro tability. Any violations of MAP seen on the Internet can be sent to mapalert@themusiclink.net. Please include URL link and item number when sending e-mail.

For information on MAP Policy violations, please refer to The Music Link’s MAP Policy document.
If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, contact your sales representative or e-mail us at info@themusiclink.net.

Warranty Handling

The warranty for Music Link products begins when the item is sold to an end-user. At the store’s discretion, the retailer may choose to act in service to the end-user as a liaison when contacting The Music Link. In either case an email should be sent to info@themusiclink.net, or info@ the relevant brand name (i.e. info@theloar. com, info@recordingking.com, etc). The warranty process begins when an email including: the item # of the product, the issue needing warranty service, and an image or copy of the original purchase receipt, is sent to one of the above addresses. A customer service representative from The Music Link will then respond and process all necessary information.

Warranty periods from the time of purchase are listed on p. 206. The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser of a new product. A warranty claim is invalidated by either of the following: a product that has been modi ed or misused in any way; a product that was purchased outside of the warranty period. All wearable parts, such as strings and frets are not warranted. Due to the nature of nitrocellulose lacquer, instruments featuring a nitrocellulose lacquer nish are not warranted for nish issues, but all standard warranties for body and hardware are valid.

All freight charges incurred when sending a warrantied item to The Music Link are the responsibility of the end user. Items must be safely packed in double box packaging and The Music Link recommends con rming shipping insurance for the value of the instrument with the end user’s chosen shipping company.

Upon arrival, the item will be inspected to determine the defect and to con rm the product falls under our warranty policy guidelines. At The Music Link’s discretion, The Music Link will repair the product, provide an in-house credit, or replace with an identical or similar item that meets warranty requirements. See p. 206 or the “Warranty” section of any of The Music Link’s brand websites for more information.

Dealership Requirements

The Music Link will only grant dealership privileges to retail stores. In order to be considered a retail store the business must have a physical location with matching shipping address, tax ID number and process commercial transactions with customers in a face-to-face environment. For the purposes of this document, The Music Link considers repair shops and instruction-only shops as retail stores.

Any new dealer who knowingly and erroneously labels itself as a retail store or misleads The Music Link as to its retail store status will have their dealership terminated immediately.
Any dealer or distributor who knowingly sells to a company illegally claiming to be a Music Link dealer will have its dealership privileges terminated.